I’m trying to have an opinion more often. I’m learning how to better form my thoughts. The result of those two goals are these articles. Maybe one day, they will have a proper home.

Why Did I Start the Basement Reno?

Oct 12 - my girlfriend broke up with me Oct 18 - the start up I worked for didn’t need me Oct 20 - I decided to reframe this whole thing and decided it was time to go abroad Nov 6 - I started committing to renovating my basement Nov 16 - I fully committed to...

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Employment Insurance and Expectations

It’s been just over 3 months since I was let go at my last job. After my parents questioned my abilities and life choices, they suggested I apply for EI. I completely forgot I had that option. This was going to be awesome, I thought, being paid to explore my options,...

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Goodbye is a word that can either trigger no emotional response, make your heart twist up, or do something in between. Last week, I got to feel that something in between, as it was the day when one of my roommates moved out. He wasn’t here for long, maybe half a year,...

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