On a Mission to Disrupt the Norm and Influence Change

But This is a Behind the Scene Look on the Journey to Get There


Did you know that no one truly has their shit together?

Our parents don’t actually know how to be parents. They just do what they think is best and stumble along the way.

Similarly, your role models are faced with challenges they don’t have answers to.

I want to help you live the best life possible so that hopefully, you can also help change someone else’s life. Through this ripple effect, I hope to be a part of impacting one billion people.

But does that mean I know what I’m doing? Hell no.

I have a destination I’m striving for. I don’t know what paths will take me there. I don’t know what challenges lie on any of these paths. I will stumble. I will fall.

This site is meant to document those moments of self doubt, of reality checks. It is also meant to document the kodak moments, the dream.

This site is meant to document my life, so one day I can look back and admire my journey.

And hopefully, this site can be an inspiration for you.