Even though I tried to list out what happened, I couldn’t find the motivation to write it all out. So I decided to do what I learned to do this year – impromptu recording. It saves a lot of willpower and time so I’ll probably do this a lot more going forward.

Anyway, 2017 was a year full of growing opportunities and I’d like to think that I took full advantage of it whenever I can.

The video below goes over everything I did this year (compares it to what I had intended to do this time last year) as well as what I plan on doing this year. To make your life easier, here are the main categories:

couldn’t find a way to do a 2017 reflection without getting bored out of my mine so I decided to just record the whole thing in one take.

If you want to skip to certain parts:
Looking at 2017 goals and whether I achieved them or not: 00:00
Looking at everything I achieved in 2017: 19:00
Looking at 2018 goals: 53:15
Courses I took and notable books I read in 2017: 1:10:38

And if, for some reason, you’d like the list of everything I had up in the video, here it is:

Accomplishments this year:
Finished the renos – 10k, 4 months
Invested in life insurance – a way to create leverage
Wrote a book
Decided to repurpose everything in the book into cuthomebills
Started blogging
Writing 1000 words daily – improved my thought process, my ability to articulate and conect with my emotions
Applied to jobs including mindvalley
Waited it out
Learned SEO and fb marketing
Enjoyed being at home with family
Enjoyed the spring and summer
Road trip with family; driving countless hours; countless memories
Flew off to malaysia
Started working at mindvalley
Become known as the personal finance expert at the company
Facebook lives
Started investing in cryptocurrencies
created a program that helps anyone learn the foundations of personal finance
Surrounded with so many smart, talented people with so many different expertise that I can now go to them for the answer as opposed to learning it myself

Planned vipassana but got cancelled; still need to do wim hof and jim kwik’s programs

Goals for 2018
100k readers for my personal finance brand (no name atm)
Continue to improve the free program and build out paid programs
Replicate the free program in Canada and build out paid program
Work from Estonia for a month for Mindvalley U
Road trip new zealand for a month
Continue to discover spirituality
Solidify morning ritual
Finish wim hof and jim kwik programs
Continue to grow finances
Learn guitar
Read 2 books / month min
Continue to read Chinese book
Continue to read fiction
Stop any business / career / money related things after 7pm

Courses I took
Neil Patel’s Advance Marketing Program
Speak and Inspire
Psychology of Winning
Jeffrey Allen’s Unlocking Transcendence

Notable Books I Read
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard
Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement
<>American Gods
Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade
Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers
What Would the Rockefellers Do?: How the Wealthy Get and Stay That Way … and How You Can Too
Designing Your Life: Build a Life that Works for You