August 2017 – The last Canadian Chapter

It’s a few days late, but I’ve finally found some basic structure to my new life in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. If you’ve been following for awhile, you know that I’ve been wanting, envisioning, and waiting to work at Mindvalley. Well, on August 29th at 12:30am, I stepped onto my one way flight to Malaysia, leaving behind everything I was familiar with in Canada.

Though that moment is probably the highlight of my life thus far, it isn’t the highlight for August.

The highlight of August was definitely the road trip with the family. Not only was it the first real road trip I’ve ever done, but it would also be awhile before the family would be together. Naturally, it had a lot of personal meaning.

What made it even more meaningful was that it wasn’t until a week prior to the road trip when I was told that I had successfully gotten the position. Which meant that the countdown to when I’d be leaving was now official.

Although I knew that this was the right next step, there was a part of me that wanted to cling onto what I knew and stay around those I love. However, as the trip progressed and I got to spend a bit more time with my family, it felt like I was comforting that insecure part of me and eventually I just knew that I was ready. I was ready to close off my Canada book and start life abroad.

Other highlights

Drove 6000km

There was a lot of bitter sweet memories saying goodbye to all my family and friends. But saying goodbye to driving was super easy after driving over 6000km for the road trip. It probably was more than what I’ve ever drove in life put together.

Camping and hiking national parks

Boy, camping at national parks was so much fun. Though we just did frontcountry camping, being able to sleep in the outdoors felt amazing. Also, since we slept in so many national parks, we also got to catch a few sunrises in some beautiful locations.

Leaving Canada

I thought there would be a wave of emotions when I got to the airport. But all there was this little piece I posted on facebook.

Arriving at Mindvalley

The first time I ever felt like a fanboy (well, meeting Tony Robbins was also a pretty fanboy moment). Seeing the office in person after seeing it in so many videos was simply surreal. Not to mention the people there is everything I was expecting – driven to make a diference.

September goals

Rework my routine

Ever since I’ve gotten here, I’ve found it hard to keep my morning routines in check. I didn’t think it was that important when I had it (thought it was just a good way to always be moving forward), but now that it’s in shambles, I can feel my energy drop significantly. So getting my routines back is definitely a priority, if I want to really make the most of this experience.

Find my rhythm at work

I know a part of the reason my routine is off right now is because there is so much chaos at work. Not chaos as in being disorganised, but chaos in the sense that nothing there is familiar yet. Hence my brain is constantly thinking about it. So I know the faster I can find a good tempo at work, the faster I will be able to get my routines down.

Plus, the faster I can find my rhythm, the faster I can start contributing to this exciting mission.

Meet all these awesome people

A huge part of the reason for joining Mindvalley is to be around awesome people. Now that I’m here, I want to meet and get to know all these awesome people. So my plan is to start booking them all for lunch and dig into their souls (well, I’m not good enough at question asking to get to their souls after a lunch; but it’s one step at a time).

Meet locals

I know how easy it can be to live in a bubble surrounded by like minded people – that was me throughout my time in AIESEC. This time, I know it’s not healthy to live in that bubble and so I am hoping to meet more locals. Plus, the locals know all the best places and are the ones with cars if I ever want to do any hiking.

Come up with the next steps for CHB

I have not touched CHB for over a month. Partly because of everything that is happening, and partly because I do not know what’s next for the site. However, now that I’m surrounded with people who get what I’m trying to do and are super supportive, I’m hoping to plan the next phase of the site with their help.