(Written in Paris, the day my road trip with family is over)


It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. I think it was a mixture of being busy with the personal finance project and being busy with friends and a partner.

And as I got into that routine (of creating and being), updating this (and reflecting on myself) took a back seat.

But that’s about to change (for the next 2 months anyway) as I now on an extended trip in Europe.

I have a friend who told me that he would normally go somewhere new every few months because it gets his mind out of his day to day routine. Having to relearn everything (from streets, to cafes, to even languages), his mind would get moving so much that it becomes a great place for him to check in on his life; to see how his goals and aspirations have changed, and whether the life he was living was still what he wants.

It made sense, but it wasn’t until the few weeks before I was scheduled to go to Europe for 2 months that I realised that my mind was starting to crave different.

I have been on an extended creation period the last 8 months. From writing content, to finding business partners, to building out the website, it was all around turning something I enjoyed into something that can be monetized.

And to an extent, I have been successful at it. It now makes me enough to outsource my newsletter and blog writing so that the content can still come in without my direct involvement. That used to take me 8-10hrs a week, but now it only takes at most 2 to edit, giving me more time to spend with people I care about.

However, it still wasn’t the right space for me to consume information and try new things. Even though I was still going through about 2-4hours of podcast material each day, I wasn’t able to read a book (even though I was learning a lot through the podcast, it was still more of less passive listening).

But as I was learning more and more about value investing through the podcast InvestED (which I highly recommend), a part of me wanted to seriously dig into learning it all.

The reason isn’t simply because it can give me a compounded annual growth rate (CGAR) or over 20% (to give perspective, the S&P500 index has a CGAR of about 7-8%), but also because it would be a much more passive thing (where one would only be spending maybe an hour a month checking in on the companies they are interested in).

Most importantly, it would be a way for me to take a step forward after my experience of almost losing my previous partner to suicide due to my lack of understanding of the stock market.

In other words, it is time to face my traumas.

Focus 1: Learn Value Investing

That said, my main focus for this new space that I’ve been creating is to learn and experience all the fundamentals of value investing something I completely understand, and to be able to use that framework to find a few companies I would like to pay attention to for the rest of life.

I would like to revisit some of the InvestED podcast episodes where I felt like there were many gems. I want to read about some of the best value investors out there.

Using all that material, I would like to create a framework for value investing that makes sense for me. In it, I would like to make a checklist of things that I need to cover, know exactly where to get that information, and be able to do all the quantitative parts for a company within a few minutes.

Then there’s the part of actually finding companies. I want to have a handful of companies I think would pass the initial value investing framework. I want to be able to dig deep into those companies, through their annual reports and their years of press releases. I want to know their competitors and figure out why they will continue to grow into the future. This is going to require a lot of reading, but I hope that after doing this for a company or two, I start to understand what’s important and what’s noise.

During this process, I would like to document it. It may be in written form like this as it becomes a great way for me to frame my thinking and also get a third person’s perspective by being able to read it. Or it may be in video format where I continue to learn how to talk in front of a camera (not to mention it’d be a lot faster).

And finally, throughout this whole thing, I also have a thought in the back of my mind of how I could potentially turn this into a program that people can go through to also learn value investing. But instead of going through 200+ hours of podcasts and dozens of books, they would be able to get some sort of framework to speed up their process.

Focus 2: Live a Healthy Lifestyle

After that, my next focus is to live a much healthier lifestyle.

Malaysia is a great country. But the issue is that most local dishes are not healthy. At all.

Combine that with the lack of sidewalks and the hot humid air, it’s much harder to naturally live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve been telling myself that I need to work out, eat healthy, live healthy since getting to Malaysia, but no real progress has been made.

But now that I’m here in Europe, where healthy food is plentiful, walkways are everywhere, the weather is simply gorgeous and a mind that’s very active, I want to make some progress here.

What does a healthy lifestyle look like? Well, I want to make my own meals most of the time and have those meals consist of leafy greens. I want to be out walking or biking, and spend time in the parks stretching or doing burpees / squats. I would love to see myself being able to do 100 burpees at once by the end of this trip.

Focus 3: Connecting

Although I partially came to Europe (and Mindvalley University) to continue traveling, my main reason for being here (and Mindvalley as a whole) is to connect with people. Mindvalley University will be attracting people that have similar values from all over the world. It is a great way to connect, discover new things that have never crossed my mind and make lifelong friends.

And of course, coming to Europe and getting my mind to start working again will give me the space to continue reflecting and aligning myself.

But before all that happens, I still have a 3 day Vipassana journey in Switzerland. Looking forward to using that as a launchpad to this journey!