The Most Expensive Program I’ve Bought

So a few days ago, while I was working on my Mindvalley application, I needed to take screenshots of all the influencers that I follow. And so I went on Neil Patel’s site and noticed a webinar happening in 5 minutes.

Having a thing for “must be fate”, I decided to join the webinar to see what it was about – after all, his blog posts on all his different websites are all top notch.

The webinar did not disappoint. It contained so many practical tips on building and monetizing an audience. It included so many free tools for people to use to accelerate their web presence. It was definitely worth the hour I put in.

And so, at the ending, he started talking about his advanced marketing course. It’s a 45 week program that costs $1000 USD. If you were to do a quick google, or go on quora, you will hear many people saying that you can find all the concepts online for free. You will also hear people who take the course agree, but add the fact that you’re then spending all that time scouring the web to find the concepts.

The me in the past would agree with the former group. The me now, agrees with the latter – provided that the creator of the program actually does a good job putting the course together. And it’s Neil we’re talking about.

That said, I purchased it.

But there were a few more reasons than to save time.


Learning all the different aspects of digital marketing, I will be able to help consult others in the future on specific challenges that they have. This will allow me to create a new stream of income if I choose to do so.


Those who are in digital marketing – and go online to learn – will stumble upon Neil. By being able to say that I officially went through his course will be a huge plus when applying for a job, or securing a specific client as a consultant.

Connect with top performers on the Facebook group

As part of the program, I will get access to their private facebook group, which has about 2000 people. Some of them are Neil’s employees, most of them are students. The majority of them are performing at a higher level than I am and so ready to sponge up all the knowledge.

I plan on taking full advantage of this facebook group by asking questions, getting advice, and, hopefully after some time, provide advice back. Through this, I’m hoping to connect with a lot of the top performers, build up relationships, and get backlinks to the blog.

Train others

There’s nothing stopping me from training other people in marketing after the program is over. This could potentially be another source of side income.

Create marketing courses for specific industries

Instead of training people individually, I could also create marketing courses targeted for specific industries. Those people would get relevant information, and I could potentially create passive income.

Leverage the freelancers

As part of this course, I will get access to the group of freelancers that Neil actively recruits and works with. This will help build my marketing team.

Implement on all the different brands / sites

There are a lot of different side gigs that can come out from this. All of them will require marketing. All of them can quickly become known and profitable if I implement everything I’m learning here.

Get shit done

I’ve paid $1000. I will always remember that I paid $1000. And I will actively try to justify the $1000 not being wasted. What better way than to actually learn the material, and implement it.

I’m worth it

And finally, there’s a self esteem piece. As Brian Tracy puts it (paraphrasing): You are your own business. Like sales and marketing, you are responsible for your own brand. Like HR, you are responsible for you training and development.

This first resonated with me when I was asking a previous company I worked for if I could buy certain books and expense it. They said no. I was getting tired of letting me self worth be dictated by what they said, and so I started buying my own books.

Now, I see this as me taking it one step further. And hopefully, in the near future, I will be paying a lot more for a 6 day conference with Tony Robbins.

Of course, all this is in theory. The most important part is to actually go through the course. This will take a lot of time and dedication, but I think that it connects quite well into my focus for this year – doubling down on marketing & storytelling. All the things that I’m going to learn are also critical for me to actually have a chance in impacting one billion people.

Will I succeed? Only time will tell… Jokes! Of course I will! <- for those who don’t get it, a quote (don’t remember by who): If I can’t be my number one supporter, who will?