If you were to ask me what I would be doing or where I would be a year ago, I would never have been able to tell you that I saw myself renovating a basement, writing a book, or building out a personal finance site with the goal of becoming a thought leader. All of which could have been an inflection point in my personal growth and reaching my lifelong mission of disrupting the norm and influencing change.

However, those events was just the prelude to what’s really going to change my life.

The real inflection is going to happen starting September at Mindvalley.

That’s right, I officially got my Mindvalley offer!

After thinking of applying back in October to finally working on the application in Jaunuary to finally submitting it in March, I have finally got the formal offer this month.

I will be starting off in the customer support team (which in the B2B world, would be customer success) which I’m super excited about as they are trying to integrated all the different tech out there to create the best experience possible.

Hopefully everything to do with my visa goes smoothly in August so that I will be able to start in September.

But regardless, Mindvalley will be where my life’s inflection point will shoot up – I just know it.

Other highlights

Outrigger canoeing (OC) to Toronto Islands

My cousin arranged an OC trip to Toronto Islands. It was the first time I was in an OC and a heck lot of fun. We did it went on a Monday afternoon with perfect weather for four hours.

Because it was a workday, there were barely any other people out on the lake which made it that much more fun to be able to have most views to ourselves.

It was also that much more special to take photos of us on the lake with Toronto’s skyline right behind (as shown below).

Finished Unlimited Power

Well, I actually finished four books this month(!), but what I’m most happy about is going through Tony Robbin’s Unlimited Power.

I first attempted to read Unlimited Power a year or two ago but found it overwhelming. The ideas were completely out of my league which got me struggling to finish a paragraph, let along a chapter.

However, after attempting it again earlier this year, the book went from overwhelming to fascinating.

Unlimited Power is all about tuning into and changing human psycology through Nurological Programming (NLP).

This probably became a lot more fascinating for me since I was spending so much of my time exposing myself to marketing and realizing the top people in marketing studied human psychology.

Anyway, this book is full of life changing strategies that I know it’ll take me a year or two to be able to truly implement the concepts into my life.

Far less time spent on CHB

I would say that the amount of time spent on CHB has dropped by over 50% and it’s mainly because I do not know what to write about anymore. I really want to focus my site on tackling big questions and not go into credit card reviews or start reviewing all the banks. Because of that, I feel like all the major topics in the saving category for personal finance have been covered. Maybe that means I should go from a new post every week to a new post every 2 weeks and spend more time promoting my pieces.


I guess it’s one thing to leave a city knowing that you’re only an hour away by car. It’s another thing to leave the country and be 16 hours away by plane.

It’s one thing to be gone for half a month or a year. It’s a completely different thing to be gone for an indefinite time.

And that’s my current situation. I don’t forsee myself coming back for a few years. Yes, I have family here, but that won’t be a problem (explained below). The problem was not knowing when I’d see my close friends again.

This didn’t really hit me until I was done my day in KW saying my goodbyes to people in person. I knew I was going through a lot of emotional thought, but the thought was all a mess. So I recorded myself talking the whole drive back. I haven’t gone through the material yet to see if I’d be comfortable to share it with the public but that whole experience was super helpful.

August goals

Enjoy time with family

As mentioned above, I don’t forsee myself coming back to Canada while I work at Mindvalley. Of course, context is needed. At this moment, I can only see myself out 2 – 3 years time which means I don’t see myself coming back to Canada to visit those 2 – 3 years.

The biggest reason I feel comfortable saying that is because I know my family goes to Malaysia regularly (once a year or two) so I know I will still see them when they’re there.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that our time together is in the tail end. So the only thing I can do is spend some quality time with them now.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen because….

Have a great time out east

Actually, as I finish editting this piece, I’m on the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.

We are going on a road trip out east for 2.5 weeks. It’ll start with my sister and I and our mom will fly out to meet us later on (vacation problems) and my dad will do the same thing later on in the trip.

I have never done a road trip with my family so I’m sure we’ll clash here and there with different expectations. But I also know that this will be the most intimate thing we’ll do to date and I hope after all this, that there will not only be a stronger parent to child relationship, but also an adult to adult relationship.

Anyway, there’s a rough idea as to where we’ll be throughout the trip. But it’s still pretty loose. So I look forward to filling it with random things along the way.

Get a few weeks of content done for CHB

The focus on CHB will slow down a bit with everything that’s happening in life. However, I don’t want it to go completely quiet so I’m planning to get a few pieces written in advance to keep it somewhat active.

Besides that, no time will be spent on CHB in August.