Finding Talent Doesn’t Have to be Hard

You're Getting More Than One Person

You’re Getting Someone Who Has Downloaded Decades Of Experience

What would it mean to have someone who can perform the role of two people?
Because that’s what I ended up doing at my last sales role. How?
Well it wasn’t through the school of hard knocks. The constant rejections. The trial and error (well, there was some of that).
It was through the internalization of lessons from successful people. Through books. Blogs. Podcasts. (the pictures to the right are what / who I follow regularly)
In fact, I spend dozens of hours a week honing my skills.

Why not take advantage of these skills?

True Alignment in Vision and Values

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than Internal Motivation

Your vision is to impact one billion people by 2050. Mine is to impact one billion people within my lifetime.
You invented the word brules. I have an unfuckwithable attitude.
You want someone to kick sales letter ass. I want to double down on story telling and copy writing.

We’re both going to be spending long nights working on this, so why not do it together?

You Know the Importance of Culture

Your Team Will Love Me. Guaranteed.

We’ve all heard that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Unfortunately, most companies gloss over the culture and focus in on the strategy. Not you though. You know what Sir Richard Branson says about talent. And this is the big reason why you attract some of the world’s best.
As for me, I’m a dreamer. I’m a doer. I have a passion to help people rock their greatest lives.
I’m a challenger. I’m a team player. I spread positive energy and am a master of high fives.

I’m pretty sure we’ll get along quite well.

What Do Others Say About Me

Gunjan- Chungsoon Haw Testimonial

Chungsoon’s most impressive character quality is his innate disposition towards a growth mindset. During great successes and failures, Chungsoon stays true to his commitment to excellence and exemplifies a unique ability to translate coaching and insights into action.

Dave Inglis

Corporate Innovation Consultant, Communitech

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