Reaching a goal while losing myself

Last year, I would say that I was a lot more self driven and self disciplined. After all, I was able to finish renovating a basement. I was able to write 30,000 words in a month all around personal finance, and then I spent a good chunk learning basic marketing.

I was normally up at a decent time. I was asleep at a decent time. I had a timeline that I kept to. I had a morning routine that consisted of meditating, idea generating, writing, reading, working out.

I had a timeline that I kept to.

What happened to those timelines that I had? Why haven’t I had a timeline since coming here?

Actually, before we get into that, what am I like now?

Well, I’d say I’m a lot more social. I’ve built out better relationships with people. I’ve learned how to better interact with people I don’t know. I’ve experienced what being spiritual is like. At the same time, I’ve also experienced what it’s like to sleep with someone I don’t really know. I started going to a real gym. At one point, I was taking full advantage of being at Mindvalley by digesting their programs every day.

But now, I feel like I’ve become complacent. I feel like I have enough good chats. I feel like I’m moving along with my side business. I don’t feel like going further, doing more, being challenged at work. My energy has been a mess. My routines inexistent. And there’s no real reason why. My drive is just gone.

I’m not happy with what I’ve become the last few months. I don’t like this person who became complacent. Yet, I don’t know why I was so hesitant on doing more.

Let’s scrap all that. Who do I want to be while I am here at Mindvalley?

I definitely want to have my morning routines. I want to continue developing my spirituality. I want to continue to come up with new ideas to problems. I want to continue to build out my side business by writing copy for potential products and services I can offer. I want to continue to read˘and to get inspired to implement ideas.

I want to stay healthy. I want to have conversations with people that push me forward. I want to feel alive at work, to not notice time go by, and to have a part of me that wants to continue thinking of ways to take it forward even after work hours. At the same time, I want to continue to have activities after work. To go on food adventures or to random speak easys, to meet more people, connect with them on a fundamental level and to sleep with them.

I want to build out a personal finance brand that really impacts people’s lives. I want to build out a business model where it’s truly win-win. I want to put money into this business and watch it grow. I want to create a model that disrupts the big companies out there. I want to disrupt the way people live to chase after their aspirations.

I also want to be fully challenged. I want people to tell me, to push me to do more. I want to absorb as much as I can, as fast as I can, as efficiently as I can.

So if this is what I want, what type of decisions do I need to make?

Well, the first is definitely start seeking out discomforts and rephrasing it to what will I learn in a year’s time by doing it. This is mostly related to work. I need to continue to ask what can I do better, how can I do it better, is it worth doing or should that be completely scrapped.

Next, I need to create a more focused schedule in the morning. The mornings are meant for me and my business. That means I need to rephrase snoozing to taking away from myself, to not allow me to live my best self.

As for after work, I should have themed nights. Maybe one or two of the nights will be for me to build out my business. One or two of the nights will be meant for dates. One or two of the nights will be meant to be spent with Mindvalley people. One or two nights should be meant for learning how to take my role at Mindvalley further.

So let’s say that is the ideal situation. What will it look like?

I really want 3 hours to myself in the morning. 30mins for meditation. 30 minutes for working out. 15 minutes to plan out my day. The rest of the time should be spent building my business and reading.

During work hours, I’d like to leave 30-45 mins to learn from Mindvalley. I want to spend an hour talking to someone and I want to spend the rest of my time executing. I also want to leave my work at a decent time for dinner.

As for after work, if it’s meant to be a business day, I want those days focused on either planning out the next steps or really executing on those steps. If it was a connect with people night, then to really immerse myself with a good conversation and a fun experience (say live music, playing some sort of game, learning to dance, etc). If it’s Mindvalley day, then to further immerse myself on ideas and concepts that might really change the way results are done.

Given all that, the day might look like this:
7-10 personal
1015 – 7 work
7 – 10 – evening activities
10 – 11 – wind down
11 – 7 – sleep

Of course, ideally I’d spend less time sleeping. If meditation is a supplement for sleep then I should spend 11-12 journaling and meditating then sleep less during the night.

Does this get me excited? That might be too strong of a word. But I definitely am seeing how this is possible and I do want to execute on this. So let’s make it happen.

Next steps: defining goals for business, reading, connections, skill development.