The Expat Life

How does it feel to be in a whole new place with no one you know and a culture you’re not familiar with? The last time I had a chance to do that was in India back in 2011 and not only did it help me better understand myself, but it also helped me shed off all the unnecessary weight I was carrying around, also known as societal expectations.

Ever since then, I always had a part of me that wanted to relive those moments. To continue to hone in on who I really am and what values I really want to uphold.

A week or month trip wasn’t enough anymore. I had to live in the country, live like the locals and understand how our values might be the same, but how they’re also slightly different.

And now I finally have the chance to do so. Starting Aug 28th, 2017, a new chapter of my life will be taking place in Malaysia, where I will be working at a company called Mindvalley.

The posts under here will focus on both the exciting moments and the harder moments. Hopefully, it will be able to give you an idea of what it would be like to be an expat. Of course, there will be lots of photos as well.

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