We all have goals but so many of us get no where with it

Talk about SMART

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time imagining myself achieving the goal. What would I look like after achieving the goal, what will I feel? To make matters worse, once you start, you don’t know if you’re still working towards it or have gotten off the path. This is why it is so important to have a way to quantaify your results. If it’s to become the best sales person on your team, you can track your quota. If it’s to get a really good job after graduating, track the number of coffee chats. If it’s world domination, track the amount of people who back you up.

Now that you have a SMART goal, give it a hard look – are you questioning if you can make it? If you’re uneasy – your goal is where it should be. It’s currently out of reach from the current you – but that’s why you’re on this blog right – to optimize yourself to reach these types of goals. So now that you have this goal, make sure you jot it down during your journaling session each day. This will help your brain filter information so that if you do run across something that can help, you’d be able to jump on that opportunity.

With a goal a year or three out, it’s time to break it down. If your goal is a few years out, create mini  goals for each of the years leading up to the final goal. For example, if you have a goal that is 3 years out, what would your goal for 2 years out look like? How about 1 year out. A general way I do this is I cut my goal by half for each of the years (ie/ if year 3 = 100%, year 2 = 50% and year 1 = 25%). I don’t know how I will get from 50% to 100% but I know that the future me will have a solution.

Now that your goal is within the year, I would once again break it down to 6 months and 3 months using the same concept (going back to our example, if the goal by the end of year 1 is to hit 25%, by the end of 6 months you should be able to get to 12.5% and by the end of 3 months, 6.25%. Once you have your 1 month goal for all the different longer term goals you have, it’s time to think about what you can do each week to get there. I dont bother breaking it down even further for each week. Instead, I try to have a theme of one or two of the goals for the week and focus each day on those. That way I stay in the zone.

Speaking about weekly and daily goals, at the beginning of each week (Sunday in my case), I would set 3 main focus areas for the week so that I have a general theme to strive towards. Within each day, I would set 3 things I’d like to accomplish that day that would get me closer to the weekly goals. At the end of each day, during my journaling phase, I would leave a mark to show which ones were completed and create my goals for the next day.

Once the week is over, I would write down what 3 things went really well for the week and what 3 things do I want to improve on – giving me a chance to briefly reflect on how everything went. Below is an example of my goals for the first week of Jan. Notice that my daily goals are not always in line with the vision as various things pop up throughout the week that I want to capitalize on (ie/ they are other goals that I have).

1/3/2016 Vision Wake up at 6 Have all steps and KPIs figured out for shower head Have arms workout figured
Sunday Plan 3mth and Jan goals Come up with timeline for showerhead Determine 4 books
Monday write 1 pn create steps/timeline/kpi for showerhead create steps/timeline/kpi for PO
Tuesday Write 1 PN Go over Millionaire RE and create list of what I need to do create steps for this week and next in showerhead
Wednesday Go to courthouse and see if there is eviction and divorce list Do same thing for Hamilton and reach out to Rob to understand how to make it passive for him to past listings Work on showerhead
Thursday Learn REITs PO ideas to grow reach Write 1 PN
Friday Work on PO Write 1 PN Figure out car ownership
Saturday learn something at unleash dreams have fun at gunjans event have plan in place to take car
Going well worked a lot on RE have a pretty good idea how showerhead will work coming up with work goals
Improve havent started arms didn’t read slacking when trying to wake up at 6

Because of this system, I have done so much more than what I originally thought I’d be able to accomplish in a few months. Now, I haven’t successfully accomplished my longer term goals as not enough time has passed, but I already know that I’m ahead in certain areas just because of the momentum I created by having a week where I focused on one specific thing.

So now that you know my system, do you think it’d work for you?