What if Influencers did More

It all started with an innocent instagram picture. My family went to a nearby park to collect pokeballs and I was with them as we had just finished dim sum. As we were turning into the park, we noticed a gaggle of people marching down the road. Well, not really marching, but they were trying to raise awareness to something. There weren’t any chants. Just a sign on a piece of construction paper. I couldn’t make out what it said.

Then when we parked, we saw a groups of people walking around carrying blue bags. They were cleaning up the park.

Aw, that’s nice to see. It was the comment that we all made. Then my family started doing their typical round, collecting from the 5 pokestops while I decided to take a picture and make this my daily gratitude challenge.

I then wrote:” The answer doesn’t always have to be more government funding. All it takes is a leader to rally up a group of people who cares about their community.” Of course this was an event led by the local councillor. I then thought how many councillors would hold something like this. Not many. Even though they probably initially got into politics to make their community a little better.

My family was still making their rounds. I had nothing to do so I told them that I was going to walk the park. So off I went. The last time I walked the park was probably back in my early university years with my then girlfriend. It still looked beautiful, but knowing that a community just got together to turn the place into a sea of green made my soul smile.

That’s when it hit me.

Why does the leader here have to be a councillor. Why can’t these leaders be influencers on something that has nothing to do with the environment. For example, there are legions of people who watch people critique makeup. What would happen if those influencers organized an event where they encourage their followers to clean their local parks?

Or better yet, why can’t that leader be me? If my goal is to disrupt the norm and influence change, wouldn’t this fit right in? What if I start to organize events to clean my city with the future personal finance followers? Yes, it has nothing to do with personal finance, but it would be a great way for these people to connect with each other in a meaningful way. They can create their own mini tribes to help each other through similar challenges. And it would be a great way to get their souls to smile a little more.

Of course, being me, there are also a lot of great ways to leverage this type of event. Get some PR. Put some posters up. Have more people aware of the group, and hopefully get them curious enough to explore how they too, can improve their finances.

Realizing that this is something that I have the power to do has gotten me that much more motivated to grow my influence in the personal finance space. I can’t wait to rally the troops, partner with others and empower our society to be the change they want to see in our world.

And I hope you’ll join me on this journey.